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Funk Guys : Ultimate Knockout

Introducing Funk Guys : Ultimate Knockout

Funk Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an exciting mod created for "Friday Night Funkin'" that draws its inspiration from the popular game "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout." This mod offers players a unique crossover experience, combining the rhythm-based gameplay of "Friday Night Funkin'" with the whimsical and competitive world of "Fall Guys." The mod introduces players to a Halloween-themed adventure through two rap battles known as "Nightmare Songs."

The mod's narrative centers around Boyfriend, who unexpectedly finds himself transported to the vibrant and colorful universe of "Fall Guys." However, a sinister twist has befallen the Fall Guys characters – they have been corrupted and transformed into skeletons. As Boyfriend navigates this spooky landscape, he seizes the opportunity to challenge his opponents to musical battles, showcasing his rhythmic prowess and determination.

The first rap battle, "Fallen," pits Boyfriend against the character Pink, now transformed into a skeleton. Players must guide Boyfriend through the beats and lyrics, engaging in a musical duel that captures the essence of both "Friday Night Funkin'" and the zany world of "Fall Guys." The fusion of these two games creates a unique and thrilling gameplay experience.

The second rap battle, "Final Round," adds an extra layer of excitement as Boyfriend races against time and transformation. As he faces Pink in a musical showdown, he must also maintain the beat and rhythm while evading his own transformation. This dynamic challenge introduces a unique twist to the traditional gameplay, immersing players in the Halloween-themed adventure.


How to play Funk Guys : Ultimate Knockout

Using Mouse


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