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FNF Vs. Matt

You will be tested to the very maximum in the Friday Night Funkin' mod FNF Vs. Matt (wiik 3 fanmade included), and only exceptional ability and skill will enable you to defeat Matt for the entire three weeks, featuring 10 new songs and a secret one. Matt, a well-known character from Nintendo's Wii Sports video game series, excels at boxing as well as baseball and tennis. If you maintain the rhythm, your combat will take place over a number of weeks against a strong opponent. You will be required to sing on Light-It-Up, Ruckus, and Target Practice in week 1 and Sporting and the dreaded Boxing Match in week 2, respectively.

Four songs are included in Week 3's fan-made soundtrack: Fisticuffs, Wind-Up, Deathmatch, and King-It. Credits: Sprites, hayley_c0ntrol (background artist), and Sulayre (coder) TheOnlyVolume, Biddle3, and Joan Atlas are the composers. Cookiecrumbs and WhippyorcYT charters with Jams3D, Paciofd, and BeezyLove as artists. FNF Vs. Matt may be downloaded from the original mod page.

How to play FNF Vs. Matt

Using Mouse

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