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FNF Vs. Mokey

Friday Night Funkin' takes a wild turn in the FNF Vs. Mokey mod, inviting players to join Boyfriend and his new friends from the zany world of Mokey's Show on an unforgettable musical adventure! Prepare to engage in weird and epic rap battles against an assortment of characters that will leave a lasting impression on you.

Description of FNF Vs. Mokey

Mods in FNF Vs. Mokey

The mod promises a hilarious and occasionally spooky universe, brought to life by delightful animations for each cutscene. The Vs. Mokey experience will immerse players in a realm that is both funny and crazy, filled with outrageous characters and peculiar scenarios. Brace yourself for a challenge, especially in the highest difficulty setting, where the songs will test your rhythm and reflexes to the max. Be prepared to encounter special notes that require precision to avoid or not miss.

The journey begins with the first week, comprising three songs that will set the tone for the rest of the adventure. Boyfriend faces his first rap battle against Mokey himself in the song "Boy." Don't fret when Mokey draws his gun; it's all part of the quirky charm!


The second song, "Ah Hyuck," pits Boyfriend against the enigmatic Grooby, who effortlessly mixes in Russian insults between musical notes. It's a chaotic and entertaining showdown! The week's final trial features a rap battle against the brash Dilan Duck on the track "Dilan Noises." Don't let his insults get to you; just focus on the rhythm and show him what you've got! The second week brings in a special Christmas-themed song, "Krimah," where Boyfriend faces off against Santa Mokey in a merry remix that you'll want to replay endlessly.

The mod treats players to bonus songs in the freeplay menu, showcasing more unexpected encounters. Prepare for a "Waa Hoo" rap battle against the iconic Mario and Yoshi, then brace yourself for a terrifying face-off in "Yekom," where you'll have to confront the creepy Creepy Mokey.


Credits go to the creative minds behind this mod: RedDudeXD as the creator, Yirius125 as co-programmer, miguel185 for designing the Krima logo, and Shadow Mario for the game engine. Sr Pelo, the mastermind behind Mokey's Show, deserves recognition for crafting such an imaginative and entertaining universe.

How to play FNF Vs. Mokey

Using Mouse.

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