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Friday Night Purgin'

Jebediah Christoff, or Jebus as his loyal fans call him, is a character from the thrilling world of Madness Combat. His main mission is to create a bloody purge somewhere in Nevada. However, Boyfriend steps in to stop him!

Get ready to dive into the new Friday Night Funkin' mod called Friday Night Purgin'. In this mod, the only way Jebus can continue his mission is if he beats you in a tough rap battle. It's a clash of musical talents, and the stakes are high.

Give It Your All

Are you prepared to give it your all and surprise everyone with your exceptional singing skills? With amazing, beat-filled songs, you'll need to groove to the rhythm and hit the right notes to prove your worth.

The Ultimate Challenge

This mod promises to be an exciting and challenging showdown. Can you outshine Jebus and emerge as the true rap champion in Friday Night Purgin'? It's time to put your vocal skills to the test and show everyone who the real star of the show is!

Get ready for a musical battle like no other, where the fate of the purge hangs in the balance.

How to play Friday Night Purgin'

Using mouse.

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