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Friday Night Funkin': Crystal

The beloved characters from your favorite music battle game have found themselves entirely crystallized! It's time to face the music and free our friends from this dreadful curse. Get ready for an incredible experience in Friday Night Funkin': Crystal.

This mod will put your talents to the test with remixes of classic tracks. Whether in the story mode or free play mode, you'll have to face your opponents with precision. Don't miss a single arrow and sing to the funky beats perfectly to defeat all your rivals before it's too late.

Reclaim Your Title

Will you once again prove that you're the king of the dancefloor? It's time to reclaim your title and help our crystallized friends find their groove again. Good luck, and may the music be with you!

Embark on a musical adventure filled with challenges and funky rhythms. Can you break the curse and free your friends in Friday Night Funkin': Crystal?

How to play Friday Night Funkin': Crystal

Using mouse.

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