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Friday Night Funkin' vs Nekofreak

Get ready for another fun-filled mod in Friday Night Funkin' vs Nekofreak. It's time to immerse yourself in thrilling rhythm and music battles, putting your musical sensibilities to the test as you strive to regain your place at the top.

This time, the game takes place before Boyfriend met Girlfriend. In his quest to find a new date, Boyfriend turns to the mobile dating app known as Qinder. His journey begins with Lia, who initially seems like a nice girl. However, due to a miscommunication or a twist of fate, things take a wild turn, and you find yourself locked in a tough musical duel.

Run and Show Your Talent

Run for your musical life, and showcase your talent before it's too late. You'll need to prove your skills and emerge victorious to escape from this unexpected and intense nightmare. Are you up for the challenge in Friday Night Funkin' vs Nekofreak? It's time to hit the arrows, groove to the beat, and prove that you're the ultimate rhythm master. Can you come out on top in this unique musical duel?

Get ready to face the music and test your rhythmic prowess in this exciting mod. Will you be able to conquer the world of Friday Night Funkin' and escape from the musical nightmare?

How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Nekofreak

Using mouse.

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