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Friday Night Funkin' vs Nyan Cat

Introducing Friday Night Funkin' vs Nyan Cat

Prepare to embark on a unique and vibrant musical duel with Friday Night Funkin' vs Nyan Cat. In this mod, you'll go head-to-head in a rhythmic showdown against the iconic internet meme, Nyan Cat. This famous meme, created by YouTuber Saraj00n in 2011, features a Pop Tart Cat animation with a cherry pie body and a rainbow-like tail, soaring through outer space. Nyan Cat became an internet sensation and is recognized for its catchy Japanese song that accompanied the meme. Now, the same song is ready to test your sense of rhythm in Friday Night Funkin'.

A Breakneck Speed Musical Challenge

In this mod, you'll find yourself facing the fast-paced and complicated notes of the Nyan Cat song. It's a test of your rhythmic skills and your ability to keep up with the lightning-fast pace. Are you up to the challenge?

Win Back Your Beloved

As you engage in this rhythmic battle, your goal is not just to prove your musical prowess but also to win back the love and trust of your beloved girlfriend. It's a duel to the death, and only the most skilled and precise musician will come out victorious.

Friday Night Funkin' vs Nyan Cat is a mod that adds a delightful and nostalgic touch to the Friday Night Funkin' universe. Whether you're a fan of internet memes or just looking for a challenging and entertaining rhythm game, this mod has something for everyone. Are you ready to break records and prove your mastery of the rhythm game? Get ready for a showdown with Nyan Cat, and may the best musician win!

How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Nyan Cat

Using mouse.

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