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Friday Night Funkin' vs Rick Sánchez

Prepare yourself for an exciting new mod in Friday Night Funkin' vs Rick Sanchez. Boyfriend finds himself in an unexpected musical duel against one of the main characters of the hit series Rick and Morty, Rick Sanchez. This 60-year-old alcoholic scientist is known for his vulgar language, frequent burps, and a life spent traveling through different dimensions, time, and regions of the universe.

Test Your Skills

Are you skilled and experienced enough to take on this tough rival in a thrilling test for the title of the king of the dance floor? Madness has taken over the game, and only you can restore stability.

Groove to the Beat

Feel the notes slide down your throat to the rhythm of the funniest songs, and press the arrows in the right order to outshine your opponent once and for all. It's time to show off your musical prowess and have a blast in this unique mod.

Get ready to embark on a musical journey filled with challenges, humor, and unforgettable beats. Will you be the one to conquer the dance floor and defeat Rick Sanchez in this epic showdown?

How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Rick Sánchez

Using mouse.

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