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Friday Night Funkin' vs Bongo Cat

Introducing Friday Night Funkin' vs Bongo Cat

Friday Night Funkin vs Bongo Cat is here to make you shake your booty! It's time to get your groove on and dance along with the most funky cat on the internet. After a long and tiring week, Boyfriend decides to go out for a Friday night walk with his beloved Girlfriend. Little does he know, he's about to find himself in the realm of memes surrounded by some very familiar faces.

Are you ready to face the wrath of the cats? Get ready for an epic battle against the adorable Meow, the protagonist of Bongo Cat. It's a thrilling musical duel where you'll feel the notes rushing through your body, ready to burst out of your throat like an angelic melody. Your goal is to use your amazing talent to bring your opponent to the ground.

Game Play

With your microphone and rhythm skills, you'll need all the luck you can get to conquer this funky showdown. Are you prepared to take on the challenge and groove to the beat in Friday Night Funkin vs Bongo Cat? It's time to showcase your musical prowess and make those notes sing!

Get ready for a musical battle like no other, and may the best dancer win!

How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Bongo Cat

Using mouse.

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