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FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered

In the FNF mod Vs. Sunday Remastered for Friday Night Funkin', get ready to embark on a rock 'n' roll adventure as you join a rock band and showcase your singing skills. The storyline revolves around Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and their unexpected encounter with Sunday, the lead singer of a famous rock band.

While Boyfriend chooses to relax and watch TV, little do they know that Sunday is hidden under a blanket, catching some rest from a restless night. Sunday, realizing their co-vocalist broke their pelvis, seeks Boyfriend's help as a replacement for their upcoming concert. To prove their worth, Boyfriend must venture into the cellar of the house and learn the three songs of Sunday's rock band.

As you progress through the mod, you'll be challenged to master the rhythm and sing along with Sunday. Despite initial surprises, Sunday possesses an ultra-powerful voice that may catch you off guard, but their guitar solos are nothing short of formidable. The mod presents a powerful and hard-hitting Hard Rock and Metal experience, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping and intense gameplay session that might even wake up your neighbors!

Key Features of FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered

Vs. Sunday Remastered offers a unique twist in the Friday Night Funkin' universe, incorporating hard rock elements and delivering an immersive and energetic gameplay experience. It's your chance to prove yourself and join Sunday's group as a co-vocalist, showcasing your talent and dedication.

The mod's development credits go to a skilled team, including programmers bbpanzu, KadeDeveloper, and GWebDev. The voice acting is performed by astro.squid, vapurrwavefoxxo, and jqhnathan, bringing Sunday's character to life. Animations are crafted by Jakeneutron and EvanClubYT, ensuring smooth and captivating visuals.

To experience the FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered mod, you can download it from the original mod page. Prepare to rock out, unleash your singing prowess, and immerse yourself in the world of Hard Rock and Metal in Friday Night Funkin'. Get ready for an intense and electrifying performance as you aim to impress Sunday and secure your spot in their rock band!


How to play FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered

Using Mouse


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