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Friday Night Funkin' vs Whitty

Friday Night Funkin' vs. Whitty Neo Mod

Prepare for a thrilling test of both patience and musical prowess in the new mod, Friday Night Funkin' vs. Whitty Neo! Your quiet Friday night stroll with your girlfriend takes a dramatic turn when you encounter Whitty, a volatile and moody ex-rock star with a troubled history involving your girlfriend's parents.

Whitty is a striking humanoid figure, featuring fiery orange eyes and a head resembling a bomb. His attire consists of a dark turquoise hoodie, brown pants, and vibrant orange sneakers. Beware of his short fuse; his impatience causes him to quickly lose his temper, resulting in dramatic color changes in both himself and his surroundings.

Battle for Supremacy

Summon all your strength and musical skills to face this formidable adversary, all while safeguarding your life. It's a duel that will test your limits and prove that you alone possess the capacity to defeat Whitty Neo and earn the title of champion. Are you up to the challenge? In Friday Night Funkin' vs. Whitty Neo, the stage is set for an intense showdown, where only the most skilled and patient will emerge victorious against this dangerous and explosive foe.


How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Whitty

Using Mouse


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