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Friday Night Funkin' vs Slendytubbies

Friday Night Funkin' vs. Slendytubbies Mod

Prepare for a spine-tingling musical adventure with the mod Friday Night Funkin' vs. Slendytubbies. Boyfriend is about to face the diabolical Slendytubbies, a sinister fusion of the beloved Teletubbies and the infamous Slenderman. While you were in the woods serenading your girlfriend with a beautiful song, a malevolent Tinky Winky emerges from the shadows, determined to snatch the title of champion away from you. Will you allow him to succeed?

Mastering the Creepy Tracks

Get ready to put your musical talent to the test with haunting songs like "Rage," "Creepy," "Shock," and "JumpScare." It's up to you to press the arrows in the right order and deliver a performance that will knock your opponent out completely.

In Friday Night Funkin' vs. Slendytubbies, it's not just a battle of music; it's a confrontation with the eerie and the unknown. Good luck as you strive to emerge victorious against Tinky Winky and his creepy companions, and may your rhythm guide you to success.

How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Slendytubbies

Using Mouse


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