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Friday Night Funkin' Goodbye World

Friday Night Funkin' Goodbye World introduces a poignant twist to the familiar rhythm game narrative. In this mod, you'll encounter a heart-wrenching storyline as Boyfriend faces a tragic accident leading to his demise. This catastrophic event leaves Girlfriend in a state of profound sorrow, her tears reflecting the depth of her loss.

However, the mod takes an unexpected turn as Boyfriend returns as a ghostly presence, determined to leave behind a final musical legacy. As players, you're tasked with helping Boyfriend sing his ultimate song – a haunting and emotionally charged melody that serves as his farewell to the world. This mod becomes an ode to his journey, showcasing his extraordinary talent and the impact he made as a singer.

Through "Good Bye World," the touching final track, players will experience the bittersweet combination of sorrow and celebration. The mod adds a layer of emotional depth to the gameplay, inviting you to pay tribute to Boyfriend's musical excellence and the memories he created. As you guide Boyfriend's ghostly vocals, you'll honor his legacy, making this mod a uniquely poignant addition to the Friday Night Funkin' universe.


How to play Friday Night Funkin' Goodbye World

Using Mouse


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