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Friday Night Funkin' But Bad

Introducing Friday Night Funkin' But Bad

Friday Night Funkin' But Bad is a unique and comical mod for Friday Night Funkin' that takes the game's core concept and turns it on its head. In this mod, the first 6 weeks of the base game are transformed into a delightfully offbeat experience. While the mod doesn't require much explanation, its unconventional take on the gameplay and graphics is sure to offer players a humorous and memorable experience.

The mod's main attraction lies in its intentionally exaggerated departure from the game's musicality. Songs are sung out of tune, showcasing a deliberate lack of accuracy in the voices of our beloved singers. This unconventional twist transforms the familiar beats of "Friday Night Funkin'" into a hilariously out-of-sync musical adventure.

Furthermore, the mod doesn't hold back when it comes to graphics. The characters' appearances are presented in a purposely lackluster and comical manner, adding to the overall comedic effect of the experience. The "lousy graphics" bring a new dimension to the game, challenging players to appreciate the humor in the unconventional art style.

How to play Friday Night Funkin' But Bad

Using Mouse


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