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Friday Night Fever

Introducing Friday Night Fever

Step into the shoes of Fever, the newly appointed mayor, in the enthralling mod FNF Vs. Fever Town for Friday Night Funkin'. After a tumultuous space expedition ends with a crash in a peculiar city, you find yourself not only amidst a landscape of oddballs and former criminals but also as the city's leader.

A Mayor's Dilemmas

Amid the piles of files and the chaos of the city, you must navigate a myriad of challenges. The tension between you and your girlfriend, coupled with the relentless stream of issues, paints a complex tapestry. Will you, in your newfound role, effectively tackle the city's troubles and harmonize your relationships through song?

Six Weeks of Melodic Leadership

Over the span of six intense weeks, the musical journey unfolds. Each week, you confront a new set of adversaries who stride into your office with the intention of challenging you through rap battles. Through the ebb and flow of melodies, you assert your leadership, while melodies become the language of decision-making.

Friday Night Fever's Symphony

The mod boasts an impressive lineup of 20 brand new songs, complemented by extensive dialogue that lends depth to every week's narrative. As the mayor, your commitment to rhythm transcends the mundane, allowing you to address each opponent, each challenge, and each opportunity with your musical prowess.


How to play Friday Night Fever

Using Mouse


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