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FNF Way Too Many Troubles

What is FNF Way Too Many Troubles?

FNF Way Too Many Troubles (Vs. Sonic.exe) is an impressive fan-made mod for "Friday Night Funkin'" that offers players an extended and challenging musical experience. The mod is centered around the adaptation of the original ReconX song into a "Friday Night Funkin'" version, resulting in what is arguably the longest song featured in any "FNF" mod, with a runtime of over 23 minutes. This ambitious project pushes the boundaries of the game's mechanics and provides players with a unique and intense rap battle.

Mods in FNF Way Too Many Troubles

The mod's central theme revolves around a legendary rap battle where Boyfriend, the protagonist of "Friday Night Funkin'," is pitted against multiple formidable opponents from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. The adversaries include Tails.exe, Knuckles.exe, Xenophanes Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and Lord X. This diverse lineup of opponents offers a rich variety of challenges and visual aesthetics, as each character brings their own unique style to the rap battle.

Original Songs

The original song, titled "Way Too Many Troubles 1.5," was composed by ReconX and serves as the foundation for the mod's musical experience. This song is a fusion of various popular remixes related to the Sonic franchise's Triple Trouble game. The incorporation of these remixes adds depth and familiarity to the music, appealing to both fans of "Friday Night Funkin'" and the Sonic series.


How to play FNF Way Too Many Troubles

Using Mouse


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