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FNF Vs. Sky Remanifest

Introduction FNF Vs. Sky Remanifest

On the one-year anniversary of FNF Vs. Sky, the Remanifested mod presents an exciting overhaul, delivering an entirely fresh experience filled with new songs, remixes, sprites, and cutscenes to enrich the storyline. Prepare to embark on Week S, featuring three familiar songs from the original mod - Wife-Forever, Sky, and Manifest - but with a thrilling twist! Make sure to challenge yourself in both difficulties, Hard and High, as they offer unique and contrasting gameplay for each week. In the "High" difficulty, Boyfriend will face Sky in remixes of the three songs, providing an even greater challenge for players.

New Songs and Bonus Content

The Remanifested mod offers a wealth of new content, including an array of exciting songs with fresh game mechanics. Additionally, in the Freeplay menu, players will discover a treasure trove of 7 bonus songs! Prepare for original rap battles with a diverse cast of characters. Engage in epic showdowns, like watching Girlfriend step up to the microphone to showcase her singing skills. Witness two versions of Sky compete against each other (skyblue and bbsky) in an epic rap battle, and even face off against Mario himself. Be ready for the unexpected as the character bbpanzu might join in on one of the rap battles, creating a truly unforgettable experience!

Major Overhaul and New Challenges

The VS Sky Remanifested V2 update is a comprehensive revamp of the original mod, requiring substantial effort to reach its final version. Notable changes include the replacement of all "cover" music with exciting remixes, providing a fresh take on the familiar tunes. Moreover, players will encounter a plethora of new songs, each introducing innovative game mechanics to keep players engaged and entertained. For those seeking more intense challenges, the "High" versions of certain songs will offer new and demanding obstacles, putting even seasoned players to the test.

Unlock the Nuzzles Song

As a special bonus, players can unlock the Nuzzles song by entering a secret code at the start of Overfilled. To obtain the code, you must achieve the right score in Wife Whenever High, adding an extra layer of excitement and mystery to the game

Songs List

Wife Forever High, Sky High, Manifest High, Bird Off, Exurggation, Sunshift, Logic, Sez, Battle of Wits, Baker,...

How to play FNF Vs. Sky Remanifest

Using Mouse


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