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FNF Vs. Ron

Introducing FNF Vs. Ron

FNF Vs. Ron is an exciting and evolved mod for Friday Night Funkin' that offers players a rich and diverse musical experience centered around the character Ron. In this mod, players will have the opportunity to engage in epic rap battles and explore a plethora of songs featuring Ron, who is known as one of the coolest heroes (second only to Boyfriend) in the "Friday Night Funkin'" universe.

Game Play

The mod has undergone significant development over time, resulting in a feature-rich experience that showcases the musical prowess of Ron and his singing companions. The main narrative of the mod involves Boyfriend facing off against Ron in four duels. These duels feature remastered and modernized versions of the original songs, offering players an enhanced gameplay experience. Additionally, an unreleased song adds an exciting new element to the mix.

In the freeplay menu, players can enjoy the four classic songs from the original version of the mod. However, the mod's offerings extend far beyond that. A staggering 18 bonus songs await players, inviting them on a grand musical adventure against various characters, including Dave & Bambi, Sonic, Obama, Geometry Dash, and Imposter. This impressive lineup of bonus songs contributes to the mod's diverse and engaging gameplay.

Ron, originally introduced as an opponent of Boyfriend in FNF Bob's Onslaught, has now received his own dedicated mod in FNF Vs. Ron 3.0. This mod pays homage to his character and musical abilities, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in his unique style.

How to play FNF Vs. Ron

Using Mouse


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