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FNF Vs. Oshi no Ko

Introducing FNF Vs. Oshi no Ko

FNF Vs. Oshi no Ko is an exciting mod for Friday Night Funkin' that brings the world of the manga "Oshi no Ko" to life through rhythm-based gameplay. In this mod, players will have the opportunity to accompany one of the main heroines of the manga, Ai Hoshino, in a series of musical challenges that mirror her talents and growing success.

Ai Hoshino, a talented singer and leader of the popular music group B-Komachi, takes center stage as players engage in rhythm battles alongside her. The mod provides players with an immersive experience, allowing them to feel like they are part of a big show on stage, performing alongside Ai Hoshino.

Throughout the mod, players will be treated to a lineup of four songs that capture the essence of Ai's musical journey. One of the standout performances is the hit song "Idol," which promises to deliver an exceptional musical experience. As players guide Ai through the rhythm challenges, they will be able to appreciate the connection between the manga's world and the rhythm game mechanics.

How to play FNF Vs. Oshi no Ko

Using Mouse


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