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FNF Vs. MrBeast: TeamSeas

Introducing FNF Vs. MrBeast: TeamSeas

Join the movement to safeguard our oceans in FNF Vs. MrBeast, a heartfelt mod for Friday Night Funkin'. Crafted by a dedicated group of friends in just a week, this mod is designed to rally support for TeamSeas—a prominent association dedicated to ocean preservation.

A Rhythmic Call to Action

In this exceptional mod, Boyfriend and Girlfriend heed the call to protect our oceans, guided by the melodious rhythms that underscore their journey. Aiming to raise awareness about ocean conservation, they encounter the renowned YouTuber MrBeast in a rap battle that resonates with both harmony and purpose.

Sunset Serenade on a Soiled Shore

As the sun dips below the horizon, the stage is set on a picturesque but lamentably polluted beach. Here, MrBeast extends an invitation to our musical duo, inviting them to harmonize their voices against the backdrop of an evocative and resonant song.


How to play FNF Vs. MrBeast: TeamSeas

Using Mouse


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