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FNF Vs. Limu : Late Night City Tales

Intriducing FNF Vs. Limu : Late Night City Tales

Dive into the enigmatic world of FNF Vs. Limu: Late Night City Tales Chapter 1, an engaging mod for Friday Night Funkin'. This unique narrative-driven experience unveils the captivating tale of Limu, a mysterious girl harboring an extraordinary power that turns people into statues with a single glance.

Lost in the Forest: A Chance Encounter

As the sun sets and darkness descends, Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves lost in the heart of a dense forest. In a twist of fate, they stumble upon a peculiar castle—home to Limu, who has dwelled within its walls in solitude for countless years.

The Malevolent Power Unveiled

Limu's eerie ability becomes apparent as she reveals her intentions—to ensnare Boyfriend and Girlfriend in eternal captivity. To achieve this chilling objective, Limu challenges Boyfriend to a high-stakes rap battle.

A Harmonic Duel of Epic Proportions

Amidst the castle's mysterious ambiance, an epic rap battle ensues, where Boyfriend must showcase his vocal prowess to thwart Limu's sinister designs. Prepare to immerse yourself in the rhythm as Boyfriend battles against the odds.

Late Night City Tales Unfold

The intricate narrative unfolds across five compelling songs, each demanding Boyfriend's utmost singing skills. Engage with the story's intricacies through meticulously crafted manga-style cutscenes that draw players into this fantastical and original realm.

How to play FNF Vs. Limu : Late Night City Tales

Using Mouse

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