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FNF Vs. Geometry Dash

Welcome to the electrifying crossover of FNF Vs. Geometry Dash (Friday Night Dashing), a mod that thrusts Boyfriend and Girlfriend into a dazzling world of angles and beats! In this audacious blend, our rhythmic heroes embark on an unprecedented adventure, bridging the gap between the Friday Night Funkin' universe and the captivating realm of Geometry Dash.

This innovative mod kicks off with a bang as Boyfriend and Girlfriend step through yet another portal, propelling them headlong into the vibrant expanse of Geometry Dash. Amidst the geometric splendor, they find themselves facing a challenge unlike any before – a showdown against none other than the iconic cubic hero. Brace yourselves for a week filled with three monumental rap battles, each resonating with the spirit of an iconic level from Geometry Dash.

The epic saga begins with Boyfriend confronting Cube, setting the stage for a thrilling rap battle that echoes the rhythmic energy of "Geometrical Dominator." The pulsating beats and intricate rhymes intertwine, reflecting the geometry-themed level that inspired the musical showdown. As they trade verses, the very essence of geometry seems to come alive in their dynamic exchange.


How to play FNF Vs. Geometry Dash

Using Mouse


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