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FNF Vs. Flippy: Happy Tree Funkers

Introducing FNF Vs. Flippy: Happy Tree Funkers

Prepare yourself for a wild and hair-raising rap battle in the mod FNF Vs. Flippy: Happy Tree Funkers for Friday Night Funkin'. Join the cast of Happy Tree Friends as they encounter the rambunctious and occasionally terrifying Flippy. The peaceful picnic quickly takes an unexpected turn when Bunfriend, a bunny version of Boyfriend, challenges Flippy to a musical showdown to entertain their friends.

"Salute" - A Musical Initiation

The encounter begins with the song "Salute," where Bunfriend and Flippy get to know each other through rhythmic verses. Take on the role of Bunfriend and sing in sync to outperform Flippy in this first musical initiation.

"Mortar" - Unforeseen Events

As the battle progresses, you'll face the song "Mortar." However, an unforeseen event disrupts the harmony, triggering Flippy's transformation into a rabid monster. The once cheerful picnic turns into chaos as Flippy's schizophrenic personality takes over, endangering everyone around.

"Fury" - Face Flippy's Wrath

The final song of the week, "Fury," is the ultimate test. Brace yourself for a demented and challenging rap battle as you confront Flippy in his enraged state. Keep up with the intense rhythm and face Flippy's wrath head-on.

FNF Vs. Flippy: Happy Tree Funkers promises an unforgettable and exhilarating experience, blending the innocence of Happy Tree Friends with the thrill of Friday Night Funkin'. Can you overcome Flippy's ferocious alter ego and restore tranquility to the picnic?


How to play FNF Vs. Flippy: Happy Tree Funkers

Use WASD buttons or arrow buttons to play.

Press ESC to exit.

Click (+) OR (-) to increase the volume decreased.

Press Enter to start or pause.


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