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FNF Vs. Cassette Girl

FNF Vs. Cassette Girl introduces players to an upcoming character in the Friday Night Funkin' universe, granting them the unique opportunity to engage in rhythmic battles against her. Cassette Girl, an original creation with a distinct 90s aesthetic, was initially hinted at alongside other iconic characters. This mod, born from dedicated fan efforts, fully fleshes out her character and story. With her vintage appearance and signature hat, capable of holding a music cassette (a relic of the past for the younger generation), Cassette Girl challenges Boyfriend to a mellow yet melodic rap showdown.

Set in a story mode, players will groove along to three tunes: "Ukiyo," "Earworm," and "Machina," as Cassette Girl and Boyfriend face off in the ultimate funky battle. With a throwback vibe and her musical cassette gimmick, Cassette Girl provides a refreshing and distinctive challenge. As the rhythmic duel unfolds, players strive to outshine Cassette Girl in front of an attentive crowd of music enthusiasts. For those craving more, the freeplay mode extends the journey with two additional bonus tracks, ensuring the rhythm-fueled escapade continues beyond the main story. "FNF Vs. Cassette Girl" captures the essence of the Friday Night Funkin' series, infusing it with nostalgic charm and novel musical mechanics.


How to play FNF Vs. Cassette Girl

Using Mouse


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