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FNF Vs. Cassandra

Introducing FNF Vs. Cassandra

FNF Vs. Cassandra is a captivating mod for Friday Night Funkin' that introduces players to an intriguing alternate universe and a rap battle that delves into an old family conflict. In this mod, players will be drawn into the narrative as Boyfriend and Girlfriend encounter Cassandra, a young, angry-looking girl with a tormented demeanor. The encounter sparks the premise for a unique and engaging rap battle that holds the key to settling the family conflict.

Cassandra is characterized as an unconditional fan of goth music and a member of the group Goth Punks. In this alternate universe, she is portrayed as Girlfriend's older sister and is possessed by a malevolent shapeshifter alien known as a Penilian. The alien's influence corrupts Cassandra's mind, setting the stage for the impending musical showdown.


How to play FNF Vs. Cassandra

Using Mouse


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