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FNF Vs. Birdie

Introducing FNF Vs. Birdie

Dive into the playful world of FNF Vs. Birdie, a delightful mod for Friday Night Funkin' that pays homage to the iconic "Guys look, a birdie!" meme from Teen Titan Go. With a nod to this cult-favorite moment, the mod transforms the meme into a lighthearted and entertaining musical experience. Take on the role of Cyborg, ready to rock the mic, as you embark on a rap battle against none other than Birdie, capturing the essence of the meme in an amusing showdown.

The heart of FNF Vs. Birdie lies in its catchy and rhythmic music, carefully crafted to turn this humorous encounter into an original and enjoyable duel. Your task is to maintain the rhythm by hitting the notes with precision, showcasing your musical skills and sense of timing.

The mod's credits reveal the collaborative efforts of its creators. From Codding Cat, the owner, programmer, and sprite artist, to Alien 86, the co-owner responsible for the music and additional sprites, as well as Butter, who contributed the robin sprites, each member of the team contributes their talents to bring this unique mod to life.

While FNF Vs. Birdie may embrace its playful origins, it also demonstrates the creative potential of modding and its ability to turn internet culture into interactive and engaging experiences. So take the stage as Cyborg, seize the opportunity to enjoy a good laugh, and groove to the rhythm of FNF Vs. Birdie, an amusing rap battle that captures the spirit of the meme and adds a musical twist to the beloved Teen Titan Go moment.


How to play FNF Vs. Birdie

Using Mouse


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