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FNF Trepidation

Introducing FNF Trepidation

Venture into the spine-chilling world of FNF Trepidation, a terrifying mod for Friday Night Funkin'. Boyfriend's rhythmic prowess is put to the test as he confronts a slew of nightmarish creepypasta icons across four harrowing weeks.

Week One: Confronting the Madness of Jeff The Killer

In the inaugural week, Boyfriend faces off against the psychopathic Jeff The Killer—a figure infamous within the Creepypasta lore. Unveil your courage as you engage in rap battles set to the eerie tunes of "Sdamos," "Sleeping Tragedies," "Endless Sleep," and "Endless Nightmare."

Week Two: The Sinister Presence of Slenderman

As the dread deepens, Week Two thrusts Boyfriend into a showdown with the enigmatic Slenderman. Draped in darkness and born from the mind of Victor Surge, Slenderman challenges Boyfriend through rhythmic verses encompassing "Tall Figure," "Slender," and "Sight."

Week Three: Unearthly Encounters in a Pokémon Realm

The third week transports Boyfriend and Girlfriend into an uncanny Pokémon game. Amidst the pixelated landscapes, a chilling opponent awaits. Engage in hair-raising rap battles against Gold, a renowned Pokémon trainer, across the tracks "Champion Battle," "Uncertain Demise," "Lost Soul," and "Beyond Death."


How to play FNF Trepidation

Using Mouse


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