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FNF The Funkdela Catalogue

Introducing FNF The Funkdela Catalogue

Dive into the mesmerizing world of FNF The Funkdela Catalog for Friday Night Funkin', an intriguing mod that weaves together the captivating narrative of The Mandela Catalog series by Alex Kister with the rhythmic gameplay of Friday Night Funkin'. Prepare to embark on a musical journey that transcends dimensions, as you step into the shoes of various characters and traverse the intricate storyline of the Mandela Catalog universe.

Mods in FNF The Funkdela Catalogue

The mod commences with a resounding duel, as Gabriel – the enigmatic figure who bears a striking resemblance to the Devil – faces off against a shepherd on the hauntingly powerful track "Grace." However, it's soon revealed that Gabriel harbors a message of caution for humanity. Beneath the surface of this melodic showdown lies a tale of warning that adds a thought-provoking layer to the rhythmic gameplay.

The second composition, "Think," reimagines the pivotal call between Mark Heathcliff and Ceasar Torres. This melodic conversation briefly touches upon the guidelines to follow when confronting an Alternate – a sequence of steps that spell out "Think: Tell-Hinder-Identify-Neutralize-Know your place." As the music unfolds, players are immersed in the intricate world of the Mandela Catalog, where each note carries the weight of the story.

"Scary Night," the third track, transports players back to a younger Mark Heathcliff's eerie encounter within the confines of his own home. As he faces "The Intruder" for the first time, the haunting melody paints a vivid picture of the tension and unease that fills the air. The rhythm becomes a medium to convey the emotions of the moment, inviting players to experience the unsettling atmosphere firsthand.

In "Distraught," players are confronted with a new challenge – a rhythm-based battle against the psychic influence propagated by the formidable entity known as Snatcher. As the abnormal Alternate seeks to sow confusion in the minds of humanity through television, players must navigate the rhythm in a bid to counteract his insidious power.

How to play FNF The Funkdela Catalogue

Using Mouse


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