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FNF: Milk but Everyone Takes Turn Singing It

Friday Night Funkin' Milk Mod: Everyone Takes a Turn

Prepare to groove in an entirely new way with the latest mod, Friday Night Funkin' Milk but Everyone Takes Turn Singing It. In this unique twist, all the characters step up to the mic, taking turns belting out the iconic song "Milk" from the FNF Sonic.exe mod.

A Rhythmic Challenge Awaits

Get ready to savor each musical note as it flows with precision and rhythm, all while you engage in an intense battle to outshine your opponents. This showdown demands not just your reflexes but also your musical prowess as you strive for victory. Are you prepared to showcase your keen musical ear and talent in the presence of formidable rivals?

Duel of Musical Mastery

Only you can navigate this relentless musical duel, where every turn counts, and every note matters. Embrace the challenge, embrace the rhythm, and have a blast as you compete in the ultimate musical face-off. It's time to shake things up and make your mark in the world of Friday Night Funkin'.

How to play FNF: Milk but Everyone Takes Turn Singing It

Using Mouse


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