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FNF Ben's Adventure

Introducing FNF Ben's Adventure

Prepare for an unforgettable odyssey in FNF Ben's Adventure, a captivating mod for Friday Night Funkin'. Boyfriend's rhythm and courage will be put to the test as he navigates two distinct trials, each resolved through the power of song.

Week One: Expressions of Love and Promise

The journey commences as Boyfriend and Girlfriend rendezvous on a station platform, expressing their emotions through the language of music. In a heartfelt rap battle set to the tune of "Promise," their verses intermingle, unveiling the future of their relationship through lyrical prowess and melody.

Week Two: Battling HighJinx's Cage of Hatred

The mood shifts drastically in Week Two, as a new challenge surfaces. Boyfriend must wield his vocal might to rescue his imprisoned friends, ensnared by the notorious subreddit HighJinx—a realm known for its criticism of certain Friday Night Funkin' mods. As the beats intensify within the frantic "HiJinx" track, Boyfriend confronts a towering mascot, holding him in its hand, aiming to silence him with its ridicule.

Rise Against the Odds

Amidst the chaos, Boyfriend's resilience becomes his greatest strength. He must summon his unbeatable flow to defy the odds and shatter the barriers imposed by HighJinx. This rhythmic showdown is a testament to Boyfriend's unwavering determination to protect his friends and emerge triumphant against the cacophony of criticism.


How to play FNF Ben's Adventure

Using Mouse


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