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FNF B-Sides Remixes

Introducing FNF B-Sides Remixes

FNF B-Sides Remixes invites you to rediscover the rhythmic magic of Friday Night Funkin' in a whole new light. Immerse yourself in a vibrant mod that introduces 18 masterfully remixed songs, breathing fresh life into the familiar beats.

Prepare to groove anew as you replay the first six weeks of Friday Night Funkin', but this time with a dynamic twist. Take on the cult opponents of the game, matching your vocals to the meticulously crafted remixes that have been lovingly curated to captivate and enchant fans.

The mod showcases the talents of its creators—Rozebud, JADS, and Cval—through their artful remixes. Each song has been thoughtfully reimagined to ensure that the rhythm and melody resonate deeply with players, delivering a captivating auditory experience.


How to play FNF B-Sides Remixes

Using Mouse


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