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Friday Night Funkin' vs Om Nom

Introducing to Friday Night Funkin' vs Om Nom

Prepare for an unforgettable and whimsical musical duel in the world of Friday Night Funkin' as you take on the lovable Om Nom, the frog protagonist from the skill and puzzle game, Cut the Rope. This unique and playful crossover, Friday Night Funkin' vs Om Nom Boyfriend, promises hours of musical fun that will put your skills to the test.

Face Om Nom in Musical Battle

Om Nom may be known for his appetite for candy, but he's ready to take center stage in a rap battle like no other. In this musical duel, you'll have the opportunity to show off your incredible musical sensibility as you sing along to catchy and unique songs like Roping, Star, Spider, and Bamboo. The stage is set for you to shine as you embrace your passion for music and let the notes slide down your throat into the microphone. Your goal is to outperform Om Nom in this entertaining musical showdown.

Dazzle with Your Talent

It's time to dazzle the audience with your rhythm and vocal skills. Sing along to the hottest beats and prove that you have what it takes to knock out Om Nom with your incredible talent. This musical duel is like no other, offering a delightful twist to the traditional Friday Night Funkin' gameplay.

Are You Ready to Have Fun?

So, are you ready to have a blast and enjoy a musical experience like never before? Friday Night Funkin' vs Om Nom Boyfriend is here to bring you hours of amusement, challenge your musical abilities, and provide a whimsical and entertaining crossover that will leave you with a smile. Get ready to groove to the beat and show Om Nom who's boss in this delightful musical showdown!


How to play Friday Night Funkin' vs Om Nom

Using Mouse


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