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FNF Vs. Auditor: Gateway to Hell

FNF Vs. Auditor: Gateway to Hell - A Rhythmic Confrontation

Prepare for an extraordinary encounter in FNF Vs. Auditor: Gateway to Hell, a mod that brings Friday Night Funkin' to the brink of chaos and power. Boyfriend faces a series of trials unlike any before, taking on formidable opponents across three intense weeks, spanning eight songs.

Week One: The Ultimate Challenge - The Auditor

Boyfriend steps onto the stage to face the epitome of power and danger, The Auditor. This immensely powerful entity, known to be impervious to physical harm, can only be conquered through Boyfriend's precise rhythm and unparalleled musical prowess. The Auditor, an iconic figure from Madness Combat, emerges as an antagonist of unparalleled might, demanding the ultimate musical showdown.

Week Two: Battling the Unleashed - Tricky

The second week introduces an explosive showdown against Tricky himself. Play as Auditor and harness your musical prowess to subdue Tricky's rebellion through three pulsating tracks. The stage is set for a cacophony of rhythm as Auditor strives to contain the raw and uncontrollable power that Tricky embodies.

The Final Trial: Wrath and Madness

Prepare for the culmination of this rhythmic odyssey as Boyfriend confronts the depths of wrath and madness embodied by Auditor. In the ultimate rap battle, traverse the turbulent realm of Gateway to Hell across two tumultuous songs, showcasing your unwavering rhythm and fortitude.


How to play FNF Vs. Auditor: Gateway to Hell

Using Mouse


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