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FNF Vs. Nonsense

FNF Vs. Nonsense is a unique and entertaining mod for Friday Night Funkin'. The character Nonsense brings a lot of absurd humor to the game, making it a lighthearted experience compared to other mods. The game starts when Boyfriend accidentally breaks into Nonsense's house, and the only way to settle the situation is to have a rap battle. The mod features three unreleased songs, including Common Sense, Highlights, and Context, plus a bonus song. The game also introduces new mechanics: depending on your accuracy during the songs, the events and cutscenes may be different.

The Vs. Nonsense 2.0 Demo is an update that includes four new songs, which will further test Boyfriend's singing skills. The new songs are Highlighted, Random, Nonsensical, and Bi-NB, and each presents a unique challenge that will put your rhythmic skills to the test. Nonsense is a character that hides a secret, and it's up to you to find out what it is by winning all the battles and missing as few notes as possible.


How to play FNF Vs. Nonsense

Use WASD buttons or arrow buttons to play.

Press ESC to exit.

Click (+) OR (-) to increase the volume decreased.

Press Enter to start or pause.


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