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FNF Vs. Hex

In FNF Vs. Hex, players are pitted against a mysterious robot named Hex, who was originally created as a companion by a wealthy entrepreneur. However, after the death of his creator, Hex found himself abandoned and obsolete, suffering from a hidden ailment that was slowly deteriorating him. In an effort to make friends and find purpose, Hex joined the city's basketball team, where he meets Boyfriend and Girlfriend and challenges them to an epic rap battle.

The mod includes four main songs - Dunk, Ram, Hello World, and Glitcher - which tell the story of Hex and his journey to find acceptance and companionship. The fifth song, Encore, is a bonus track that adds an extra challenge to the already intense battle.

The Weekend Update expands on the story by adding a new week that features five additional songs - Cooling, Detected, Glitcher (remix), Java, and LCD - and further delves into Hex's backstory. The new songs provide a fresh challenge for players and showcase the unique musical style that is characteristic of the FNF franchise.

In addition to the new songs, the update also includes new features such as a redesigned menu and other improvements to the gameplay. Overall, FNF Vs. Hex is a fun and challenging mod that adds to the already impressive collection of content available for Friday Night Funkin' fans.


How to play FNF Vs. Hex

Using Mouse


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