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FNF Indie Cross

FNF Indie Cross is an exciting mod for Friday Night Funkin' that brings together iconic heroes from indie games into one epic crossover adventure. The mod features three full weeks, each with three songs, as well as many bonus songs in the freeplay menu. The mod also introduces new game mechanics and high-quality cutscenes to enhance the player's experience.

Storyline or plot in FNF Indie Cross

The first opponent that Boyfriend will face in FNF Indie Cross is Cuphead, the main hero of the platform game created by Studio MDHR. The retro atmosphere in which Cuphead's Floral Fury level is set is faithfully recreated, and the player must dodge magic rays while counter-attacking Cuphead with their microphone at the right time. The three songs in this week are "Snake Eyes", "Technicolor Tussle", and "Knock Out".

For his second duel, Boyfriend will have to face Sans, the hero of the independent game Undertale created by Toby Fox. This week features three grandiose rap battles on the songs "Whoopee", "Sansational", and "Final Stretch". The player must dodge Sans's bone attacks when a danger signal appears, and they also have an attack of their own. There may even be a secret to discover by following a specific path!

The third and final opponent that Boyfriend will face is the legendary Bendy, hero of several Joey Drew Studios creations and world-famous for the game and song of the same name, Bendy and the Ink Machine! In this week, Boyfriend must face off against Beast Bendy (Bendy after his transformation) on the music "Imminent Demise", "Terrible Sin", "Last Reel", and "Nightmare Run". The furious beats will be the ultimate challenge of this week, as Bendy will try to distract the player's attention.

In the freeplay menu, players can access seven new songs to prolong their enjoyment and discover other masterful compositions. Overall, FNF Indie Cross is an epic crossover mod that is sure to delight fans of indie games and Friday Night Funkin' alike.


How to play FNF Indie Cross

Use WASD buttons or arrow buttons to play.

Press ESC to exit.

Click (+) OR (-) to increase the volume decreased.

Press Enter to start or pause.


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